Report a Trailer Issue

1. Contact the trailer owner

Get in touch with the owner and let them know what the trailer issue is and see if they can help troubleshoot.

2. If the trailer issue can't be resolved, let Ruckify RV know 

After contacting the owner let Ruckify RV know about the trailer issue withn 48hrs of trailer pick-up so we can make a note on the file. Ruckify RV is not able to help with technical trailer questions. Refer to step one.

3. Contact roadside assistance

If you have purchased roadside assistance, contact them from the 24/7 phone number you were emailed. They have technical experts than can help you while on the road to trailer questions at the campsite.

4. Document the issue in them mandatory post-trip checklist 

If the trailer issue could not be resolved, make sure to document the issue in the mandatory post-trip checklist with the owner.


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