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Who does my RV help? 

Emergency workers & first responders: You will be helping frontline personel self isolate with much needed rest and recovery at the end of the day. Some of these professionals prefer to keep their own families safe by social distancing themselves in an RV nearby.

How does my RV help?

Some examples of how RVs could help are: Serving as mobile testing facilities as well as temporary accommodations for first responders & health care providers. RVs could also help provide a safe, contained and comfortable space for family members in self-isolation that is close by.

Can I offer deliver and how does it work?

Many of our RV owners offer delivery. You can set up a delivery option in your listing under your policies which can be included or you can set a price.

Is my RV safe with Ruckify? 

Of course it is. Safety is our top priority. Ruckify RV has a $1,000,000 insurance policy at no extra cost to you. RV's listed on the site are protected under our policy whether you choose to lend or rent out your RV. Protection includes physical damage, theft, fire, vandalism, acts of nature and personal liability. You can rest easy, we've got your back.

Do I have to charge a nightly rate?

Absolutely not. We encourage RV owners to lend their RV out to someone in need in these desperate times. You can set a price of zero on the pricing page in your listing.

Can I charge a fee and how will I get paid?

It is completely up to you if you want to charge a rental fee. We are asking that our community of RV owners who do choose to rent, offer their RV at a discount to help those affected. As a reminder Ruckify RV has waived all fees if your RV is rented to help someone affected by the crises. If you do choose to charge a rental fee, Ruckify RV handles all payments and will deposit rental revenue right into your bank account.

How much does Ruckify RV take?

Absolutely nothing. Ruckify is happy to do our part by sharing the love by waiving all service fees to both owners and guests. 

What if I already have an RV listed on Ruckify?

No problem at all! Visit your existing listing on Ruckify RV and under section one you will see "Emergency Ready" select Yes and then save and continue. Now your RV will show up in search results under RV's available to help.

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1M Insurance Included

RV's that listed on the site are insured every trip by Ruckify RV's policy at no extra cost.

Verified members

Ruckify RV guests must enter a valid driver's license in order to book your RV. They can connect their social networks, upload a profile photo, confirm an email, and validate personal details about themselves.

Secure payments

All financial transactions are facilitated through our secure system, ensuring peace of mind for both guests and owners. We deposit rental revenue directly into RV owners bank accounts.

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