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Rent and Go with Ruckify RV

1. Find your perfect trailer

Need a compact hybrid for your vacay? Or a roomy Fifth Wheel for a luxury glamping experience with friends? Ruckify RV has hundreds of trailers to choose from.

2. Make a reservation

Sign up in seconds to request a trailer you like.

3. Hit the road

Meet the trailer owner, get the keys, hook up and hit the road. It's that easy.

4. Return, review and repeat

Return the trailer at the scheduled time. Awesome experience? Say thanks with a great review, send a virtual high five and do it all again!

Why Rent on Ruckify RV

Free membership

You pay only when you rent a trailer — not for being a member of Ruckify RV.

Convenient locations

We’re building a nationwide network of travel trailers, so you’ll be able to rent one that’s just down the street or maybe even at your destination.

Amazing customer support - you deserve it

Have questions? We are there every step of the way. High fives to that!

Environmental responsibility

Manufacturing trailers releases CO2 into the air. Do the world a favor by using a trailer that’s already out there.

Smart savings

Canadian RV owners spend 1.4B per year on insurance, storage and maintenance fees. Own the experience not the trailer. Rentals starting at just $45/night.

Trailer protection included with every rental

Ruckify RV has a 1M insurance policy included that covers the rented trailer so you can rest easy. 
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When to use Ruckify RV

When a tent just won't do

Tenting is a great way to experience remote locations, but when you want a good night’s sleep with all the comforts of home, a trailer is where it’s at! Just know we’re here when you don’t want to sleep on the ground. 

When it’s time for an adventure

Heading off to the mountains or the lake? Just need a trailer for a couple of weeks? Ruckify RV can help.

When you’re not sure you want to buy

Try one before you buy one. Remove the pressure of the dealership with a no-commitment rental through Ruckify RV.

Temporary living accommodations 

Are you moving, in between places or waiting for your dream home to be built? Rent a travel trailer for a bit until your place is ready.

Family reunions

Want to impress the family? Show up in style!


Get hitched with Wheel Estate! Save money and rent a travel trailer for that one-of-a-kind honeymoon. Let the adventure be part of the journey together.
Rent a trailer


How do I find a trailer to rent on Ruckify RV?

It's easy! Go to our Home page and you will find the search bar. There you can choose the type of trailer you are interested in and enter the City and Province of where you would like to book a trailer. Press the search button and all the travel trailer listings will appear in your selected location. Learn more

Do I need to put down a security deposit?

Ruckify RV automatically collects a $500 deposit on the behalf of the trailer owner 48 hours before the beginning of the trip. We hang on to the security deposit until 48 hours after you return the trailer. Without a reported issue/damage, the security deposit is automatically returned to the guest after the 48 hour window. Learn more

When do I have to pay for the trip?

Once an owner accepts your request you will be charged the full payment of the reservation along with all fees, and any add-ons you have selected. Ruckify RV does not release payments to trailer owners until 48 hours after you have picked up the trailer to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Learn more

What about insurance? 

Safety is our top priority. Ruckify RV has a $1M insurance policy that covers trailers listed on the site every trip. Protection includes physical damage, theft, fire, vandalism, acts of nature and personal liability. You can rest easy, we've got your back. All this at no extra cost to you. Learn more

What if I have to cancel my trip?

We understand that sometimes plans just don't happen well, as planned. We have a standard Guest Refund Policy and each trailer owner has a choice of four standard Cancellation Policies. Ruckify RV will help uphold both the Guest Refund Policy and the Cancellation Policy.

What does it cost to use Ruckify RV?

It is free to become a member with no hidden costs. Ruckify RV only charges a 15% service fee plus GST to the guest at time of booking. This fee covers amazing customer support, our priceless trust and safety team, and running the site that we built just for you. Learn more


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Mon - Fri, 8am - 7pm EST


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